Advancements in technology have delivered many new phone system features that can benefit businesses in the way they manage inbound calls and measure staff performance. Spinktel will help you choose the right system for your business based on your specific business and operational requirement

Telephone systems can generally be categorised into three categories: Analogue systems, Digital Systems and IP Systems. As technology has evolved so has the way that providers deliver voice services to businesses so choosing the right type of phone system is important.

Phone Systems

Digital phone systems are equipped with many more features and capabilities than analogue systems.  Digital systems are generally connected to digital voice lines (ISDN) and should offer superior call quality and many more call management options.  One significant benefit of digital systems is the accessibility to software that can assist businesses with reporting or integration into other software like CRM or call centre packages.  Along with connecting to fixed line services, digital telephone systems can have a SIP trunk connected via either the company’s internet connection or a dedicated link. Depending on the type of system, licencing and additional cards in the system may be required to do this, speak to Spinktel so we can inform you of all of your options.

Analogue phones are the most basic type of system and at one point was the only choice for businesses.  Analogue phone systems connect to analogue telephone lines (copper) and are very limited when it comes to features.  If you have an analogue phone system it is time to look for a replacement.

IP Phone Systems

IP Phone Systems are the most modern type of phone system and are the most highly featured.  IP phone systems are required to deliver voice services across an internet connection and are generally much easier to configure changes.  The most important aspect of running an IP system and IP voice lines is ensuring that there is enough bandwidth on the internet connection to ensure that voice quality is adequate. These types of systems are run like most other systems in that all of the “smarts”, like line hunt, transferring and voicemail are done on site. Once the system is purchased then the monthly service and equipment charges are usually cheaper than other types of phone systems.

Hosted IP Phone Systems

Spinktel makes incorporating a new telephone easy when it comes to Hosted Telephone systems. Most “adds, moves & changes” can be done remotely which allows for less on site technical charges. The other large benefit for these types of phones are that the phones can be moved along with the persons computer anywhere and their Direct In Dial (DiD) goes with them, as long as there is an internet connection set up correctly the phone will make and receive calls as if it were in the original location. Hosted PBX’s are a fully featured telephone system that can have all things of other on site systems like Voicemail, Auto Attendant, Line Hunt, Transferring and a number of other options.  While the monthly service and equipment charges are sometimes more expensive than an on site system with SIP trunks, reason being is that each phone requires a licence, this system usually works out cheaper because of not being large upfront costs.