Choosing the right type of internet connection for your business can be tricky but Spinktel make it simple.  Spinktel have access to multiple carrier’s infrastructure and can check your site address and provide all options available to you. Let the team at Spinktel take the hassle out of finding the best internet connection for your business. Being truly vendor agnostic allows us to provide the right type of service to you, whether it be a straight internet service or a fully managed MPLS network. 

Business Ethernet Services

Business Ethernet is a high-quality internet service ideal for businesses that want guaranteed upload and download speeds. These services are symmetrical, meaning the upload and download speeds are the same. Spinktel can determine what Business Ethernet is available at your site and provide different speed options based on your business requirements.

NBN Services

The NBN (National Broadband Network) is Australia’s newest landline phone and internet network.  The NBN is not yet available in all areas but is rolling out at a fast pace.  Spinktel offers a range of voice and data services delivered across NBN infrastructure.

Whilst the roll out of the NBN is great news for consumers and residential premises the service in its current form is not always suitable for businesses as it does not offer guaranteed speeds and can be subject to contention issues.  Many small businesses will welcome the arrival of the NBN but larger businesses may need to access fibre services that offer guaranteed speeds.

High Speed Fibre Services

For those business users requiring greater speed and reliability, Spinktel’s fibre services deliver a scalable solution to support critical infrastructure at an affordable price point. Our Fibre products vary in all speeds required up to 1 GB/sec with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.95% availability.

More than ever businesses can access optic fibre delivering symmetrical speeds up to 400MB.  Many large inner-city buildings are already fibre ready and many other businesses might not realise there is fibre nearby that can be accessed for their use. Spinktel can check your location and let you know if fibre is an affordable option. Fibre is undisputedly the fastest and most reliable internet delivery method.

ADSL Services

For many businesses copper is still the most available internet delivery method.  Most business ADSL connections are delivered across the copper network which will be phased out over time as the NBN increases its reach. Spinktel offers a large range of business ADSL services for those smaller business that still have a need.