Internet and Data Solutions

Business Grade DSL services through Spinktel are provided to ensure stability. Unlike other Consumer Grade services, which is effected by the number of subscribers, network performance and other cost cutting services. Spinktel offers true business grade DSL.

Fixed Wireless
Wireless Ethernet is provided in areas where traditional; terrestrial services may not be available or often as a backup to a fixed service. Fixed Wireless is a great alternative or backup to "normal" internet or data connections, used either to connect to the cloud or site to site connections where traditional services are cost prohibative.

Up to 10MBps Ethernet can have 2/4/6/8 or more pairs to gain greater stability over the connection.

Mid Band Ethernet
This service has a higher speed than Ethernet, with bonding as many pairs as needed to get a stable connection. Mid Band Ethernet (MBE) can attain speeds of up to 26Mbps.

Either to the Home via the NBN or direct to your business, Fibre is the pinnacle of data connections. Speed, Stability and quality are not lacking in this service. Call 1300 30 21 03 to speak to one of our Data Experts Now.

Mobile Broadband
Using some of Australias leading Mobile Telecommunications providers, Spinktel's mobile broadband is able to deliver the customer with cost savings without compromising on coverage or quality.

For more information about Data Solutions for your business please call us 1300 30 21 03 or complete the further information from on the Contact Us page